Message from Manager


St. John’s school, Anchal is the best school of excellence in Kollam district in Kerala. Perseverance in Divine and human values and excellence is the special feature and attraction of the school.

The aim of the St. John’s School, Anchal is the integral growth of the students. In order to achieve this goal the school gives the best education possible based on fundamental human love, care and values. The school tries to identify the interests, talents and multiple intelligence of its children. It helps them find out their special abilities and develop them to the maximum level. At the same time students have to work hard to achieve the maximum level. If they develop their abilities to the maximum level, they can become the number ones in their area of work.

St. John’s school also trains its children to love God in order to have divine favour and to love all human beings without any discrimination to attain human favour. Our school works hard to inculcate these basic qualities in children in order to mould them as the most decorated citizens of Mother India.

St. John’s school continuously works hard for academic par excellence and integral development of students. Uncompromised character formation helps the students become intellectual, Loyal, spiritual and committed citizens of Mother India. Our school march forward upholding the motto let the lamp shines shapes and sharpens the progeny. Here, I do appreciate the committed service of the entire staff of the school.