From LKG onwards my elder daughter is studying in St John's school and now she is in 8th standard and my younger daughter is also in the same school and is in 1st standard. My opinion about this school is that St John's school encourages students to speak in English in classes and also creates a silent and good atmosphere to study. All the teachers are teaching very well in their own subjects and giving special care and attention to each child. Before doing anything there will be prayer. This school is also doing charity every year and it inspires the students to do charity in their future. In this school there is no partiality based on religion, caste or creed. Everyone is treated equal. The school gives at most importance to religious harmony and there is a Religious Harmony Club which is very active. School up holds certain values which are very important for the child's growth and development. Also, in this pandemic situation the online classes are going very well and the teachers and the whole authority is working very hard. Before taking any decision, the management will ask the opinion of all the parents. The management and the teachers are doing the best for the students. I am very happy and proud to say that my daughters are studying in St John's school Anchal. In my opinion St John's is the best school.
Jincy Shiju
Parent of Mariya Shiju (8-C) & Miya Shiju (1-B).
St John's School is one of the many admirable and renowned schools of Kerala. From my experience, school sets a good and great example of doing honourable things for society through numerous charities works. They're very active in giving back to the community. It is very diverse and has students of all religion and treats them all equally as well. The teachers are exceptional in teaching as well as treating the students with proper attention and care. They give equal focus on the academic developments as well as extra-curricular activities. One can always trust the school to provide guidance and good quality of education to every child that joins here.
Sherin Byju
My family intended to move from Trivandrum to my father’s birth place Anchal, Kollam, for the purpose of my studies, three years ago. Our search for a school that met our criteria ended when we came to know about St.John’s School, Anchal, which is one of the renowned names among Educational institutions in Kollam district of Kerala with its outstanding performance, results of facilities to cater needs for development of future buds. Speaking of curricular or extra-curricular activities as a student of St.John’s School, its really different from other schools. The teachers, and the other faculty are really hardworking. Even in this harsh situation of the pandemic, they have been taking efforts to provide us with all study materials required for a better understanding of concepts. The school’s atmosphere is calm & quiet, making it a learner friendly one. The facilities are really useful for enhancing the quality of education. The school constantly conducts quizzes & other programmes as a part of co-curricular activities. Various clubs in school Is a unique platform to develop personal skills & passion to encourage knowledge & life situations. Activities organised through them helps students to explore more about all sectors of life, living, community, commitment & responsibility. The school also promotes religious harmony by celebrating every kind of cultural programmes. Diversity is visible within the campus too. The school also focuses on cultivating moral values within the students. This helps us to know the value of non-material things required to live in this competitive world. St.John’s also follows a system of ‘Veg Day’ on all Fridays. The benefits of this education can help us to develop the people around us, that leads to a better society & thus a better world. In short, St John’s school plays a vital role in developing its students into responsible citizens for the development of the nation. The faculty members are like lights that guide our way towards a brighter future.
Fathima Azad
Our child Uthara is a student of St. John's School Anchal.  We are now proud to say this and it is from the bottom of our hearts.  She started her journey in this prestigious institution just a year ago, precisely saying during the 2020 - 2021 academic session. When I approached the management for her admission I was surprised by the hospitality they provided us.  At the beginning, being her parents, we were concerned on how she would cope with her new atmosphere. But our concerns went in vain. An amazing and well qualified faculty of teachers work hard supporting their students to make them efficient enough to achieve their goals. She learned a lot from her teachers apart from her academics, the basic values of a human being.  The faculty's attentive and professional approach made her progress not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and appreciate the amazing steps taken by the school in this unprecedented time to make sure that learning never stops for the children. Honestly saying, at the beginning we were quite sceptical and confused about the e-learning methods.  But the school proved that nothing can be a hindrance to the quest of knowledge. The staff of teachers along with the management are working hard with complete dedication, round the clock to ensure smooth transition from classroom learning to interactive live learning which is running successfully. Coming to the extra-curricular activities, the school ensures equal opportunities for every student. The values imparted by the organization in shaping the students into dutiful human beings is really appreciable.
Parent of Uthara S Gopan
Parent of secondary student
"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself" School is the second home for each and every student. It plays a vital role in the life of students. So, choosing a school is a very difficult task for parents. But I am very proud that I chose St. John's for my children. St. John's is one among the best institutions which provides good education for their students. Education sector was one among the affected sectors during this pandemic. Amidst this pandemic St. John's provided classes to their children through online platforms. I really appreciate the school's efforts to make my ward study well in this situation. Moreover, the school also conducts various competitions online. This helps to create a healthy competitive spirit in the minds of children who are stuck at home. I am very pleased with the assignments and hands on activities provided by the school. It helps to reduce the screen time and keep the students engaged. The environment in St. John's is apt for the students to achieve their goals in life. As a parent I am always proud to say that St. John's always give the best to their students. The teacher's expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. I understand and appreciate the efforts of all the faculties of St. John's family.
Beena Anil
Parent of Senior Secondary Student
I'm Ajayanand parent of Adilakshmi. M A (Class-UKG C) of St. John's school. I got her admitted here at St.Johns in this year. Even in this COVID era the classes are on par with the other schools. The teachers are doing their best in live and recorded classes and we can thoroughly see their efforts. Especially the live classes are effective and children also respond well to them. The activities given by the teachers are helping the children in developing their capabilities. The school is also organising several sessions for parents which are very fruitful. Also, the fee reductions have helped many parents. Really I am absolutely satisfied with the performance of the school.
Parent of Adilakshmi M A (UKG C)
St. John school is one of the best schools to enable the motto of futuristic excellence in the child for tomorrow's citizens. Their meticulous attention to academic excellence is matched by an inspiring range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that enable the overall development of children under their care, that enable and ensure a child's integrated intelligence. And the school management doesn't have any discrimination on socio-economic status of the society I wish the school all success in maintaining all the qualities for the excellence of humanity
M A Jacob
Grand Father Jewel Anju 4B