The students can make use of the school buses for their conveyance. The route and other details can be known from the office. Boarding pass must be shown at the time of boarding the buses. Strict discipline should be maintained by the students inside the school buses because it reflects the total discipline of the school. Those without the boarding pass and defaulters of conveyance fees are strictly prohibited from using the conveyance facility Parents/Guardians or others are not permitted to use the school buses. Students/Guardians are required to be present at the boarding point 10 minutes before departure and arrival of the bus. Bus fee shall be paid in four equal instalments along with the tuition fee.

Using hired vehicle is discouraged. But those students who use hired vehicles for their conveyance, other than the school buses, shall report the same to school office, including the name registration number etc. of the hired vehicles. However the school takes no responsibility in this regard.

Change in the use of school conveyance must be reported in the office and the journey card should be returned before the change is effected.