Fee Structure


  1. The fee shall be paid in lump sum in the first quarter itself or in five equal installments
    1st Instalment : June, July
    2nd Instalment : August, September
    3rd Instalment : October, November
    4th Instalment : December, January
    5th Instalment : February, March
    First instalment of fees shall be remitted before receiving the text book. All other installments should be remitted before the 5th of the first month.
  2. These dates will be strictly observed and if the payment is not made in time, a fine of ` 100/- per installment is charged after the due date.
  3. If the fee is not paid for two months after the due date, the pupil’s name will automatically be struck off the rolls. Re-admission fee of ` 500/- will be charged along with the fee not paid by the student, if she/he is to be re-admitted to the school.
  4. Parents and guardians will kindly preserve the receipts issued to them and produce them as proof of payment of fee, if needed.
  5. Caution deposit must be withdrawn within three months after leaving the school, failing which the money will be transferred to the development fund of the school.
  6. No refund of caution deposit shall be made unless the original receipt, there of is surrendered.
  7. The cashier is the only school authority authorised to collect any fee from the students.