School Uniform

GOLDEN RULE : Every student shall wear school uniform on all working days including Saturdays and during special classes. Full school uniform is compulsory for all the occasions. Those who take part in sports and games must wear sports uniform.


Uniform for Boys
LKG, UKG & I – III : Blue striped half sleeve shirt & Blue shorts (at least two inches above the knee), belt, blue socks, black shoes and identity card.
IV – X & XI – XII : Blue striped half sleeve shirt, blue pants (pleated parallels), tie, socks, belt, black shoes, Identity card. Pants must be executive pants with pleats (2 Nos.) on either side.


Uniform for GIRLS
LKG, UKG & I – III : Blue striped cap-sleeved top and blue pinafore and blue belt, socks, black shoes, ID card, trimmed hair and white bow. They should wear petticoat too.
IV – X : Blue striped Kameez, blue salvar and blue jacket, blue socks, black shoe, ID cards.
XI – XII :Blue striped full sleeve Kameez, blue salvar and blue jacket, Black Shoes, Socks, ID Card
Hair Style – Boys : Medium cut, conventional type. (Other models of hair cut are not permitted).
Hair Style – Girls
KG and I – III : Trimmed hair with white hair bow and white band.
IV – XII : They shall wear two plaited hair tied with hair band as same as the uniform colour.
SHOES FOR BOYS :School Shoes with laces.
SHOES FOR GIRLS : Open School Shoes with straps.
NB: Sample shoes for Boys and Girls are exhibited in the school.

Only shoes of these kinds shall be used by students as part of uniform.